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The Desperately Gorgeous Jun Hasegawa

credit to:  www.hudie.com/bbs/ & vividaisuki.2ksite.com




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(Deleted comment)
you're welcome! it's because most of them are not from ViVi so maybe that's why you've never seen them. she is so beautiful ne? perfect natural beauty. wish that i have her looks!

l admire her so much!

since l've descoverd Japan's models l'm not the same! its like somebody had oppend my eyes and showd me how beauty is realy like! the perfect woman in a perfect body! l'm so gealous of her! modeling in Japan seems so nice! l hate my life, l wish l was that beautyful!
l alsow like Leah Dizon and Lena Fuji!

Re: l admire her so much!

yup! i totally agree with you that japanese models are extraordinarily beautiful! glad to know that someone has the same opinion with me!^_^ I'm also a big fan of Lena!

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